INF567 – Wireless Networks: From Cellular to Connected Objects

  • INF567 Presentation [pdf]
  • Overview of Wireless Networks [pdf]
  • Wireless Communications [pdf]
  • Random Access [pdf]
  • Deterministic Access Schemes [pdf]
  • Radio Access and Link Control [pdf]
  • F/TDMA Cellular Access and GSM [pdf]
  • CDMA Cellular Access and UMTS [pdf]
  • OFDMA Cellular Access and LTE [pdf]
  • IoT Protocols: SigFox, LoRa and NB-IoT [pdf]
  • Some Elements on 5G New Radio [pdf]
  • Cellular Architectures and Protocols [pdf]


  • TD1 Wireless Propagation [pdf]
  • TD2 CSMA/CA [pdf]
  • TD3 Capacity Regions and ARQ [pdf]
  • TD4 GSM Cellular Access [pdf]
  • TD5 LTE Peak Rates [pdf]
  • TD6 Mobility [pdf]